Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bayou Arcana: Songs of Loss and Redemption

Bayou Arcana: Songs of Loss and Redemption is a one of a kind anthology from Markosia Enterprises that will be launched at the Bristol Comic Convention in the UK in May 2012.

The brainchild of writer Jimmy Pearson, who is also a contributor, the book is a collection of stories set in the fictional Bayou Arcana of the American Deep South.

"There is a place deep down South where dreams come true and nightmares find flesh. A place where the oppressed discover freedom and the oppressor violent retribution. The swamp is alive with many a lost soul’s tale.Bayou Arcana unlocks a universe steeped in Southern Gothic Romance and spattered with supernatural horror. 

Enter the Arcana if you dare…"

The experimental nature of this book, featuring all male writers and all female artists working on interlinked but stand alone stories set within a world of Pearson's devising has already attracted a great deal of media attention.

Copies of the book can be pre-ordered from Markosia Enterprises at a discount of £3 if ordered before the 1st of April.

Please contact Sara Westrop with any press enquires or interview and review copy requests.