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The experimental nature of this book, featuring all male writers and all female artists working on interlinked but stand alone stories set within a world of Pearson's devising has already attracted a great deal of media attention.

Creators featured in Volume One include:


Alexi Conman
Alexi Conman writes comics sometimes. He has scripted stories that have appeared in a varied range of anthologies (from publishers including Accent UK, Futurequake Press, and Image). His preference is for telling mildly off-beat cross-genre tales about the human condition, but he's usually willing to give anything a go. Also: he does do other things but he doesn't think you'd be interested to hear about it. 

Corey Brotherson

Corey creates copy and content for websites, publishers, magazines and TV. He's also a published comic book writer: the co-creator/writer of Bad Luck Inc., L33tspeak, A Twilight's Promise, Fragile, The Twilight Cleaner, Magic of Myths and other forthcoming projects including several ongoing series' and full length graphic novel, Butterflies and Moths. Since 2000, Corey has worked as an editor, staff writer, producer and critic for over a dozen publications and companies, including Channel 4 Teletext's Game Central, Eurogamer, Games Domain, Sony, Yahoo, Official PS2 Mag, Vivendi Universal, ComiX-Fan, Electronic Arts, Sky One, Central/ITV, Boomtown, and more.

Cy Dethan

Cy Dethan is a British writer who began his comics career in 2006 as writer of the Starship Troopers:Extinction Protocol strip for Mongoose Publishing. In 2007 Cy was hand-picked to take over the reins of Markosia’s flagship ongoing series, Starship Troopers. He has subsequently written several creator-owned series for Markosia, including Slaughterman’s Creed and The Indifference Engine and White Knuckle. Cy’s first creator-owned book, Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth was a major independent hit and a sequel, Cancertown: Blasphemous Tumours, is due for release in 2012. Recently he has joined the writing team of the Unseen Shadows transmedia project. Before turning to comics Cy was an award-winning freelance copywriter and editor. Prior to that he was a professional magician and, quite frankly, he’d rather not talk about that…

Darren Ellis 

Darren Ellis is a writer from Wales with ideas above his station. He has a talent for raw, emotional stories about grief, despair, sorrow and pain, but he's quite cheerful if you catch him at the right moment. His previous work has included short stories in various Accent UK books and the Eagle award-nominated issue of Futurequake. This year he is due to appear in Mike Garley's "Dead Roots" anthology in addition to Bayou Arcana. Darren is currently working on some larger projects, including "Broken," a one-shot graphic novel for Accent UK and "Come & See," a limited series he is shipping around to publishers.

James Pearson 

Jimmy has recently taken time out of Jedi Academy to explore his passion for writing; more specifically his passion for writing comic books. Having escaped the hellish penal island of Australia Jimmy washed up on British shores to find himself travelling amongst some of the most talented sequential artists and writers this fair land has to offer. He decided to try his hand at the noble art of the funny book and the result is three graphic novels: Bayou Arcana (published by Markosia May 1st), The Heart of War and The Melting Man (both published late 2012). Issue One (of nine) of his first mini-series, The Reckoning (a cross between Crimson Tide and Cloverfield) will also be available in May (published by What the Flux? Comics). At some stage Jimmy hopes to resume his Jedi training and combat evil tyranny across the universe.

Matthew Craig

Matthew Craig is a writer from the West Midlands whose comics work has been described as "entirely immune to the postmodern malaise." Recent stories have included Brummie barbarians and social satire, building on the self-deprecating humour and humanitarianism of his work with British superheroes, zombie Shakespeare and a childhood pet dog who steadfastly refuses to take the blame for it all.

Matthew Gibbs

Matt Gibbs is a freelance writer and editor. Originally an archaeologist, he spent several years grubbing about in holes before turning to writing as a career. He has worked on games such as Sega's Binary Domain and Ubisoft's Driver San Francisco, and is collaborating with a number of talented artists on comic and graphic novel projects.

Steve Tanner 
Steve Tanner is the publisher behind the small but perfectly formed Time Bomb Comics - a British indie imprint based in Birmingham – which he uses to shamelessly promote his own work as well as much more talented creators. Beyond the Bayou Steve has also written stories for Fleetway, Atomeka, Murky Depths, The Sleepless Phoenix and Accent UK to name but a few, as well as contributing to the Spirit Of Hope charity anthology. He is currently writing “Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade”, his third historical horror romp featuring the notorious highwayman.


Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson is a Norwich based artist currently studying to be a doctor. She is currently producing fine comics for Accent UK, Markosia and Time Bomb Comics. If you bump into Alex feel free to talk about her brilliant artistic stylings...Just don't ask her to look at the mystery lump on your back! 
Dani Abram
Dani Abram aka bintykins is an artist and animator. She's worked in games, films and comics. Which is sweet because she likes games, films and comics.

Jennie Gyllblad

Jennie Gyllblad is a Swedish freelancing comic-book artist and illustrator living in the UK. She loves creating stories and characters using traditional media such as watercolour, gouache, ink and pencil. Jen has previously worked with RPG publishers such as 'Mongoose Publishing', 'Myling' and 'Kaleidoskop', but also frequently does portrait work, character designs, costume designs and other painting commissions. She is currently working on the graphic novel Butterflies and Moths, the steampunk transmedia project Clockwork Watch, and her creator owned project Skal.

Jenny Clements
Jenny is a traditional animator and storyboard artist from south Wales, working on children's series such as Abadas, The Lingo Show and Rasta Mouse. She also dabbles in comics and illustration in her spare time and strives to tell her own stories one day.

Lynsey Hutchinson 
Lynsey Hutchinson is an illustrator and musician from Edinburgh. Her work appeared alongside Frank Quitely and Gary Erskine in the award-winning graphic novel Burke & Hare, and she is the co-creator/writer/artist for Sceptic: A Magician Among the Spirits, described as a cross between Inspector McLevy, Hellblazer and Deadwood.

Nic Wilkinson
Nic Wilkinson is an artist and letterer who began her adventures in the world of comics in 2006 illustrating Cy Dethan’s Extinction Protocol strip for Mongoose Publishing. Nic primarily illustrates short stories and has lettered graphic novels for Markosia Enterprises, including Cancertown, Slaughterman’s Creed, The Indifference Engine, Unbelievable and White Knuckle. Nic has enjoyed creating nasty things since she was only little. It has been remarked that you shouldn’t let the fact that she is still only little fool you. The main difference is that now she uses more technology and less mud in her creations. Not that she’s ruling anything out, mind…

Patricia Echavarri Riego
Patricia is an independent comic and manga artist originally from Mexico. Graduating with a degree in Visual Communication, Trish has become popular in the independent comic scene in her homeland, visiting conventions around the country.  Her manga "Master of Puppets" is a Spanish language release which has recieved praise in Mexico, winning the TNT Independant Comic Award 2011 and she went on to become shortlisted for the 6th Norma International Independant Manga Competition.

Sara Dunkerton 
Sara Dunkerton, a 23 year old farm girl from a tiny village in Somerset, found her calling as an illustrator and animator during College. She carried this realisation through to university where she graduated in 2010 at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Out in the real world for the past year, she has worked on illustrating comics for Bayou Arcana, Dark Harvest: Resistance, Sugar Glider Stories 2 and Into the Woods: A Fairy Tale Anthology, and is loving every second! Ever with another project eagerly lined up, she has hopes of being able to say goodbye to the boring day jobs and work full time on creative projects professionally.

Valia Kapadai 

Valia Kapadai is a full-time dreamer and a comic junkie. She‘s currently working as a graphic designer at the University of Athens in the morning, while she shifts into a watercolour thirsty creature by night, drawing comic pages. She has been involved in various comic anthologies (for IDW, Insomnia, Accent UK, BLC, DapShow Press), and she's currently drawing 5 comic books for Markosia Enterprises, Scar Comics,and ComicDom Press, among other projects.She loves spending her little free time with her precious Kostas, their cat Yuki, beloved family and friends, reading comics and listening to music.
Usually lost inside her own messy world, she can also be found all over the place and in a webpage near you.

Vicky Stonebridge

Vicky is a freelance Artist & Craftworker based in Lochcarron in the North West Coast of the Scottish Highlands and is also a retained Fire Fighter. As well as her own work she spends a lot of time on community Art projects and has 20 years experience of running, organising & delivering a wide range of Arts and Crafts workshops, classes and events, including Hi-Ex, The Highlands International Comic Expo.

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